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As a car dealer Northwest Auto Buyers, Inc. enjoys the challenge of meeting and exceeding the standards in every transaction. We give the best deals for your cars, trucks and SUVs. Check out our reviews to get us to know better.


I recently sold my truck to Northwest Auto Buyers. They were very friendly and offered me a fair price. I had been trying to sell it but hadn't had any luck with buyers. The whole process was straightforward and smooth. I would recommend them to anyone looking to sell their vehicle.


I advertised my truck and ten minutes after putting it online they called me. The next day I showed them my truck and we negotiated a fair deal. They paid me that day and were very professional and kind. I recommend working with them if you get the opportunity. 


I listed my truck online and I was contacted within 15 minutes. They were great to work with from the beginning. It was great working with them. They were polite and patient and very professional. I would work with them again and would recommend them to others.


Working with these guys was a pleasure. Down to earth and know their business. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to buy/sell a vehicle.


I posted my truck for sale online and received may call from dealers that were rude. Northwest called and I was pleased from the start to the end of the sale. They did not try to "beat" me down on the price and were very respectful. I was very happy with the price we negotiated on. I would do business with them again and recommend them to friends.

Shawn Peterson

They were very polite and friendly. The transaction went very smooth and easy. I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks

Lindsey Trout

My experience with North West Auto buyers was excellent. They were very professional and offered a fair price for my vehicle. I recommend them to anyone I know.

Carson Bybee

I recommend these guys to anyone and everyone! Gave me a fair price on my vehicle and they were friendly and made everything so easy! The best part is they are honest, which you don't find every day in the car world! Thank You guys again! I know who I will use every time I decide to sell a vehicle!!


Northwest Auto Buyers was very honest and helpful during the sale of my Tacoma. I have full confidence in their ability to deal honestly in future transactions.

David Allen

Was it a terrible bind and didn't want a third repo. Northwest Auto Buyers offered a big ray of hope. I hated parting with it. They were friendly and offered me a fair price. I hope now someone enjoys my truck as I did.

Jeremy H.

Would highly recommend NWAB's to anyone looking to sell their vehicle. They did everything they said they would do. They also kept my needs as a priority. Came to my home town to finish the transaction. Very professional. Will look them up next time I'm ready to sell again. Thanks again!!

Rob Watson

My experience with Northwest Auto Buyers was excellent. They were very polite and patient. I will spread the word of how incredibly easy they were to do business with.

Mike Ridenour

I had the pleasure of selling my truck to NAB today. They contacted me after I posted it online and were excellent to deal with from the get-go. They paid a very fair price with certified funds, flew in to pick it up, handled all the paperwork in a straightforward manner, and the transaction was smooth from beginning to end; honestly the most professional dealer I've ever dealt with. Do not hesitate to do business with them.


This was a great company to work with. They did everything they said they would, were extremely responsive and friendly. I highly recommend them 🙂 And no I don't work or know anyone who owns the company! Lol

RJ Colosimo

Just sold my Jeep Wrangler to Northwest Auto Buyers. They were extremely professional and made the process as simple as it could be. Within 30 minutes, we had the paperwork done and cash in my hand. They gave me a great price as well!

Megan Welliver

Northwest Auto Buyers is great to work with. They found my Jeep listed online and tried to give me the best value for my Jeep. Friendly service as well. They made doing business with them easy. Thanks!


Northwest Auto Buyers came by the house and looked at my truck. They gave me an excellent deal and it was very impressive. I would highly recommend their services. Very happy with how things worked. Thank you.

Chris Davis

I put my Chevy Silverado up for sale on the afternoon of June 22. Northwest contacted me the same day and came to look at my truck the next morning (June 23). They made a fair offer and before 10 am the deal was done. They were fast, friendly and honest. My truck was on the market for less than 24 hours! And sold for very near my asking price.


These guys know what they're doing. Very impressed with their professionalism and expertise. Made selling my truck nearly stress and hassle-free.


I recently had a great experience dealing with Northwest. They flew into Casper, Wy, purchased the truck and drove it home. Their salesman was outstanding. I am so pleased with the transaction. I highly recommend them.

Marsha Sconza

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